Hello! I’m Sabrina Shields-Cook

Candidate for the Ames School Board


Whether we’ve never met before or have been friends for years, I’m glad you stopped by! I’m a long-time resident of Ames, with children in four schools in Ames. I believe we are stronger when everyone’s voices are heard, so I am committed to listening to parents, teachers, and administrators.

What questions do you have? I’ll be answering as many as possible in this site.

Got a question about our schools, the issues facing the School Board, or my views? I’ll be answering questions regularly here.

You can help by sharing with friends, inviting me to speak at an event, helping at or hosting a fundraiser, attending School Board or PTO meetings, and more! Ready? Get started here.

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Sabrina is intelligent, thoughtful, warm, and truly dedicated to improving the lives of those around her. Most importantly, she is truly dedicated to her family, her children, her community, and to ensuring those without a voice are heard. I can think of no better characteristics for a person serving on our school board.
Melanie Torrie

Ames Resident

Sabrina is the most involved and informed parent that I know. Having children in all four levels of schooling in Ames, she has a unique perspective on the state of our school district. She has been an inspiration to so many of us over the years and I am excited for her to bring her voice and experience to the school board.

Michelle Ybarra-Rojas

Ames Resident / Parent

News & Events

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